Addicted to coffee, I always want to try the coffee flavors from any places I have a chance to pass by. And this time, not only do I like Nepali coffee, but I love the guys making coffee.

One morning in Kathmandu, while waiting for the bus to Lumbini, I and Tiên – my travelmate – found a small foodstall near the bus stop. Getting in, we were surprised by the way that young man was making coffee.

The foodstall in Kathmandu

Among the various kinds of goods in that convenient foodstall which serves breakfasts and lunches for the passengers and the neighbors, there is a gas cooker with three pans: one big, one medium and one small. The big and the medium pans are containing fresh yak milk while the small one is for making tea or coffee.

“Two coffees with milk, please!” I ordered. The young man quickly poured some coffee powder to the small pan, then put in some milk and sugar, and cooked for about 5 minutes. After the mixture – the milk coffee – had been well-boiled, he used a handled filter to extract the liquid and remove the grounds.

Coffee is poured into the pan

Milk is poured into the pan

Filtering coffee

“Uhm  … hot and fresh! Yummy! Not too sweet. It’s truly Nepali coffee” said Tiên. We sat inside the stall for 15 minutes to enjoy our coffee and observed him making coffee and tea for the other customers.

The next mornings when we stayed in Mirage Inn in Lumbini, Mount View hotel in Pokhara or Yambu Hotel in Kathmandu, we enjoyed the same flavor. We couldn’t enter their kitchen area to see how the cooks made coffee for us, but we could feel the same. I guess because the coffee was made by Nepali guys, not too sweet but lots of love!

Breakfast with coffee prepared for us by Mirage Inn, Lumbini

Nepali-style coffee

Come and try Nepali coffee if you visit Nepal. You’ll love it, and love the coffee makers as I do.