Lý Sơn island, with no doubt, is an emerging beach paradise in Vietnam. Being a hot “check-in” in recent years, and at least until now, Lý Sơn is still worth adding to your bucket list – a must-visit destination for young Vietnamese, and even foreigners if they have a chance to go by Quang Ngai province. Whereas nearby islands such as Bình Ba, Bình Hưng are army areas forbidding foreigners to set foot on, Lý Sơn island is opening its door to welcome visitors from other countries.

Seasick? “Yes” even if you have never suffered that feeling before in your life. The one-hour ship journey can make anyone get dizzy and be always ready to vomit. But what you can see and enjoy during your stay in the exotic island is worth it.

Seaview? From anywhere in Lý Sơn, just open your eyes you can have a magnificent view of the sea. From the 46-meter-high lighthouse in Lý Hải commune, one can have an overview of the island, with beautiful garlic-onion fields and the white beaches stretching along the coast. From Thới Lới Peak or the nearby fresh-water lake, the biggest lake in Lý Sơn which used to be a volcano’s mouth, one can see how people in Lý Sơn struggle with the extreme weather conditions in the island to live and earn their living by fishing or farming. Then close your eyes, you can feel the cool sea breeze pampering your skin.

Seafood? Lobsters, crabs, shrimps, ​​urchins, shells and many other kinds can be found in Lý Sơn. Fresh, delicious and rather cheap. You can find seafood restaurants on the way to the places of interest, like Sơn Thủy restaurant near Chùa Hang (Cave temple), or Phát Hải restaurant on the coastal road to the lighthouse. Or just walk around night market, you can find anything you want for a big seafood dinner.

Sea swimming and diving? Swimming in chùa Hang (Cave temple), Hang Câu (Câu Cave) or coral diving in Đảo Bé just 4 km from the big island is a must-try. The water is clean and tranquil, making you love to dive or swim for hours.

Sea mural village? 30-minute-drive by electric car around An Binh village will take you around a brand-new mural village in Đảo Bé. The street art is a plus for this peaceful village, just like its name – An Bình.

If you go,

Stay: Central Lý Sơn Hotel – $30/double room, breakfast included

Rent Motorbike: Tường Vy Motel – $5.5/day, gas included

Eat: Sơn Thủy Restaurant, Phát Hải Restaurant, Long Hiền Restaurant, fresh seafood guaranteed