If you see a rat in your house, what will you do? You’ll chase it, kill it or try different ways to trap it?

Rat – you might think the worst things about this kind of animal: dirty, smelly, destructive. I had also thought of it as the most terrible thing in this world, until yesterday.

As usual, with my two best friends: strong Jett mountain bike and lovely Fujifilm camera, I went along Dong Ba Jetty, trying to hunt some photos for the weekend. While shooting the boats, I happened to see a very lovely rat.

The Rat seemed not to be afraid of human being. I was standing there, putting my camera forward pointed at him. He was holding some food discarded by the market sellers, staring at me. How dare?

Looking at him, I have changed my mind about rats. Rats are also very lovely and cute. They are only the vandals when people give them the opportunities to vandalize. At Dong Ba market, the sellers discard everything spoiled to the jetty when they come to wash their utensils. And Rats, finding this jetty a good place to live, consider it their home. They even don’t care your existence.

If you take good care of your home, keeping everything tidy and clean, Rats will have no place in your home!