Have you ever tried last night’s dinner for breakfast? Then you should. Actually people of my age used to more than 30 years ago.

Back then, most of Vietnamese people never considered breakfast a main meal of the day. They only cared what to eat for lunch, dinner or supper. When I was a student of the 90s of the previous century, breakfast was a luxurious meal that I never had. That was the reason why I, and many other people, suffered stomachache, which I still have to live with until now.

As breakfast was something we didn’t think about, we just had some leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, and mostly “cold rice”, nothing else. We were not rich enough to buy more foods, not a fridge to store them. We ate all we bought from market during that day and the leftovers, if any, were just plain cold rice.

Having some cold rice from last night’s dinner was a luck, and having something to eat with that cold rice was a dream. So we looked for something to eat with it, like fish sauce, or salt-with-red-pepper paste.

This morning, I happened to look into the rice cooker and saw some cold rice left. Good memories come back clearly to me…